4K Equipment offers rental of any equipment in our current inventory, rental packages can be priced with either weekly or monthly rates. 100% of the first months rent and 50% of any following months can be applied towards the optional purchase of your rental. Speak with one of our sales representatives to determine which package is fit for your project!


Contact us

Want to rent equipment? Call us @ (360) 571-2346 or email us at

Discuss Solutions

Tell us what you are after whether you have used GPS a lot or if you are new to the industry of GPS equipment. We will work with you to find the right equipment and right solution for you and your project.

Review Rental Documentation

Once we provide a quote we will have you fill out a credit application along with a rental agreement form. We do run a basic business credit check. Once all the information is compiled, reviewed and approved, you are set to go!

Equipment Ships Out

We will ship the equipment to you or you are welcome to pick it up from our location. Whichever works better for you!

Basic Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental Customer is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment for the duration of the rental period. In the event of damage or theft, Rental Customer will be responsible for the repairs or replacement of the equipment. All billings are set to the start of the rental period. Rental charges will continue as long as Rental Customer has equipment.