Basic Set-up support is included with all our purchased kits and additional support is available upon request. Our technicians can provide onsite support in the Vancouver, Washington area and remote support is offered for all additional customers. We can provide a combination of phone support and screen sharing options for guidance through any equipment setup or issues. 

We also partner with experts in the field to provide more in depth support such as machine control installation and calibration.


1. Connect your tablet or computer to the internet, this can be done through Wi-Fi or a
cellular hotspot.
2. Open TeamViewer, if you do not have the program installed follow 2a.
a. Go to
b. Click “Download TeamViewer”, then run the installer once downloaded.
3. Send “Your ID” and “Password” to the 4K Technician, we will then be able to provide
remote support.

Give us a call at 360-571-2346 or email us at INFO@4KEQUIPMENT.COM